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Miss Lucy? It seems that Miss Tianzi has left the City. However, Miss Takiko and I are still planning to go to the zoo. If you want to come still, we're meeting at the square about now!

Miss Ahiru, perhaps you would like to join as well?
Miss Tianzi, Miss Takiko! Cain agreed to the planned venture to the zoo. When would you have time?

Besides, it's getting to be October. Candy Month maybe, but also Halloween Month! Although I did kind of challenge the City to be nice. I'm curious to see how well it will hold up.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS. [Action for Cain!]

[It is quite a reasonable hour in the morning as a knock falls upon the door of Cain Hargreaves. Not exactly unusual - Merry prefers talking to her brother in person to the network. So it is not any wonder now that it is her voice mutedly being transferred through the door:]

Cain? Can I come in?
This time, I know the story which the curse is modelled after!

Sometimes, it might seem like it would come in handy if this were always the case - and then other times not. But I wonder how different the world would be if it were so!

There has been more than one occasion in which the curses seemed inspired by Earth literature. I wonder - anyone who isn't from Earth, do you remember a curse that was inspired by a story in your world, or something like that?


There is certainly no doubt that I am in the City once again; that place between worlds, stranger than any other. And what's more, I seem to find myself cursed right away - a bright red W on my chest. Do I want to know what it means this time?

These things just keep happening to me, don't they? I couldn't leave them behind me if I wanted to.

I've even got my old computer back; its calendar tells me that today is September 15, 2008. Not much time has passed here since my departure.

Well, if that is so, then maybe -- then maybe --

Cain, are you still here? Answer me, please!

(OOC: W for witchcraft, as apparently, she and her mother have been accused of such because of their tarot reading talents.)
... oh, I think I hit my cell phone. Let me have a loo--

[An appropriately piercing scream.] AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

[Then panicked shuffling sounds.]

What in the world --? Close your eyes! Don't look at me, just don't... !

[Loud tapping of feet on the floor as Merry storms off to her room, the slamming of a door, and a deep sigh of both mortification and relief.]

This is going down into history itself as "I hate the City"-Day.


Cain, I need to go out! I've been hearing the music all day, and I really want to know where it's coming from! Curiosity is driving me crazy! Please, Cain?

If you won't let me, I'll just go by myself.

(OOC: Strikes so not there.)

(OOC: Bad news, Cain. ... she snuck out on you again. Because Merry just loves playing outside, running about and being social.)
Everyone in the filter got one of these sometime during the last two days.Collapse )

Tomorrow, I'll finally have my birthday party! I can barely hold still anymore, so excited am I! Do please come - and if you have friends to bring, then please do! There should be many people at a birthday party, it's not as much fun otherwise.

Cain's butler Riff is organising the party, so it will be great! He's very good at his job, you see, and he makes the best tea in the world.

Thank you again, Riff, for everything!


Mein stattlicher Mister Blackbird.
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